Alumni Testimonials:

It is our hope that everyone who graduates from ITACC takes their experience and their connections with them through life.

Sherif El Damanhory, Sales Manager at PepsiCo.

I consider myself fortunate to be raised/graduated from ITACC. I had the opportunity to develop my interpersonal and professional skills at a young age. During my college years, I was one step ahead of my peers due to the projects and assignments we did in ITACC which were exactly aligned to the university system & curriculum. ITACC prepared me fully for the rigors of university.

Begad Khalaf- Airline Pilot

I am very thankful for the education I received in ITACC that helped me reach where I am today. Education is not only the academics I received in ITACC, but more importantly in my opinion, were the key skills of social and ethic traits which were emphasized and delivered through most aspects in our every day school life. Thank you to the staff who opened my mind and inspired me to achieve my dreams and goals.

Aly Hafez- MSc of Oral Implantology, Cairo University

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to ITACC for preparing me for a lifetime of success. The staff showed great care, passion, patience and enthusiasm in educating me throughout all my years in ITACC. You're the best K-12 school in Egypt!

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