ITACC’s Vision

At ITACC we pursue excellence in all aspects of the educational process and support the empowering of students and parents to better understand and function effectively in today’s diverse competitive world.

ITACC’s Mission

The mission of ITACC is to enhance each student’s learning experience to empower them to be proactive in an ever-changing, multicultural society whilst being accountable for their own well-being and development in a safe, nurturing learning environment.

ITACC’s Beliefs

•Pursue excellence in all programs taken by school.
•Focus on students’ wellbeing and development.
•Respect diversity of individuals, cultures and environments.
•Build lasting partnerships among students, staff, parents and the surrounding community.
•Create a supportive environment for all stakeholders that encourages maximum involvement from all parties.
•Embrace change in today’s environment and strive to create flexible life-long learners that can easily adapt to such changes.
•Recognize and accommodate each student’s unique talents and learning abilities and adjust set plans accordingly.

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